Top 5 Picks from E3

The dust has now settled from the gaming behemoth that is E3 2014. Every year the worlds leading publishers and studios gather to show off they’re upcoming games and tech. I’ve picked out five games that are sure to make gamers happy, let’s do it.

With a slightly disappointing year for next-gen gamers so far this year I was really hoping that E3 would pull something special out and make up for the slow start and delayed games. It was semi-satisfying and while we got a few cool announcements I still feel that 2015 will be the year of gaming, despite the new hardware launching this year.

First up is a game that’s been in the works and public for a while but raised the bar a little for E3…

No1 – Destiny

This game has had my interest since it was announced as I’ve got huge respect for Bungie, the creators of the masterful Halo series. It’s clear they haven’t ditched their space-age/hi-tech roots however as Destiny still has that futuristic advanced warfare look and feel.

One of the coolest things about Destiny is the amount of locations and enemy factions. Every location has a different look to it and should provide enough variety throughout the multitude of missions. Along with the varied locations are the equally varied groups of enemies, each with their own unique abilities and skills.

Group this all together with the massive online capability and gorgeous looking world, you have the making of another Bungie classic. Big hopes for this one.

No2 – The Division

Another game that’s had my interest since it’s announcement. Tom Clancy games are usually home runs and this one looks to follow suite. The basis of the story is a virus has gripped New York and it’s survivors have split into groups all fighting for survival. With the government collapsed it’s up to you and your cohorts to rebuild and keep the peace.

First off, this game looks stunning. The amount of detail and realism that makes up the run down streets of New York is mind blowing and really make the most out of the next-gen hardware. The characters models and animation are also awesome with textures and motion not yet seen. Particle effects and lighting provide real world atmosphere and with the inclusion of additional players able to jump in using their iPad makes it a true next-gen experience.

No3 – Far Cry 4

If you haven’t played Far Cry 3 then you’re missing out. True open world exploration and hunting mixed with set point missions made this a truly brilliant game. Far Cry 4 looks to be dishing out more of the same only this time it’s set in a much larger, more detailed world.

The demo we saw at E3 took inspiration from the Tibetan mountains and actually felt a little like Tomb Raider. Snowy peaks and rough path ways takes you to a camp of no-good’s where you can despatch the bad guys how you like. Stealth or all guns blazing.

I liked Far Cry 3 for it’s sandbox offering and hunter gatherer additions that go towards feeling like you’re truly stranded somewhere. Far Cry 4 is one of the few games due out this year and if it takes it’s cues from the previous outing, it’ll make for a solid release.

No4 – Star Wars Battlefront

We’d heard rumours for many years about a sequel to the highly popular (still to this day) SW Battlefront 2 and when we got a quick teaser trailer last year it raised the roof. Now at E3 studio DICE gave us a very Star Wars themed behind the scenes look with some early game tests and it looks amazing.

There’s something special about playing a Star Wars video game. I remember back in the day playing games like Jedi Knight II and Shadows of the Empire, they were so immersive and playable and pulled in everything from the Star Wars universe. With the release of SW Battlefront I and II, it gave a big world feel to Star Wars gaming.

No5 – Grim Fandango

PC gamers back in the late 90′s will know this game very well. It was set in a time when story led adventure games were “done right” and this was one of my fav’s. The last proper release from Lucasarts saw gamers play through a brilliantly style noir drama set in the Land of the Dead.

It was announced at E3 that Sony is bringing a remastered version to PS4 and Vita and that should bring a smile to many faces who played the original but also to re-introduce gamers to good ol’ fashioned story telling within games. Can’t wait for this one.

E3 was mediocre this year and while nothing jumped out that amazed me either gaming or hardware wise, there were a few titles that did impress that I’m looking forward to. With 2014 being a bit of a let down for next-gen gamers, 2017 is looking a lot better. What are you most looking forward to in the near future for games?



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