Collection of Amazing Skill Games on Mobile Browser

Thinking About Skill Games? These Masterpieces Will Stop You from Trying Others.

Games don’t always have to be challenging or require your luck to win. In skill games, you will have a big chance for you to show off all of your skills including both physical and mental ones. You don’t have to be lucky to play skill games, everything you need may be your quick thinking, good mouse-using or excellent memorizing skills. If you are just new to skill games, our information will be a great help to you. Here is our gaming guide to introduce you to the whole new level of online gaming. Enjoy these following free online brain and skill games:

1. Zombie Pinball

If you are obsessed with ghosts and imagined creatures, you will find them not scary at all in this game. Just beat all of the walking deaths with your pinballs in various styles and designs. See all of them fall down the ground quickly. Don’t be chickened out since this simple machine has more power than expected. They can help eliminate all of the shamblers. You will find the truth behind these walking creatures after knocking all of them out. Have fun!

2. Dora Hidden Number Game

Click all of the numbers listed to enter advanced levels!

Fans of the classic Dora game series should not ignore this new edition among all skill games for free. Your quick information acquirement and good vision will be the key to succeed in this game. Besides, you will have to boost your eye power up with these fun levels. All you need to do is to locate tons of hidden numbers in beautiful pictures. Click all of the numbers listed to enter advanced levels. Try to accomplish the game as quick as you can to get the highest points.

3. Plants vs. Zombies

These ugly cruel creatures are aiming at your brain.

Gardening is never this hard since waves of zombies will destroy your garden to go toward your house. However, watch out! These ugly cruel creatures are aiming at your brain. Don’t let them enter your house if you don’t want to lose your life forever. The flower power will help you out, so try to use them to the maximum. Place different fungi and plants in 5 horizontal lanes to stop and eliminate all of the walking creatures. These plants will offer some amazing defensive and offensive abilities to knock all brain-attacking zombies out. Remember to upgrade your defensive squad too! The unique content makes this game one of the collections of amazing skill games on the mobile browser.

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